US 1879 Gold Dollar CoinThe joy of the hunt is one of the best parts of collecting and buying coins. We scour upstate New York estates, always looking for that attic-fresh find to share with our customers. We never know what we’ll find next – whether it’s American silver eagles, an 1879 Indian Head gold dollar coin, a locked ammo box of US junk silver that’s been untouched for 30 years, or a stash of American Civil War tokens and Confederate currency – it’s always an adventure! We love to pass that joy of the hunt along to our buyers. We’re always looking for rare coins, uncommon currency, or gold and silver bullion, and we bring it straight to you.

When you buy coins, bullion, or currency online, trust is key. Our appraisers have over 20 years of experience with selling and buying coins. We do our best to thoroughly describe and photograph every coin we list, but we are also always happy to answer questions. We do our due diligence when we buy and sell coins to make sure our customers feel secure and safe with their transaction. Frauds and fakes have no place in a legitimate auction (though very occasionally they can be rare antiques in their own right, with an interesting backstory – have you heard of the 1652 NE threepence silver coin?).

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