Sell Buy Diamonds GIA Certified LooseIt has been an abiding tradition for hundreds of years to buy diamonds for a loved one as a symbol your enduring love and devotion. The unmistakable clarity and color of diamonds has raised it above all other gemstones in the public regard. We’ve been told for years that love is best expressed with a diamond, but the jewelry store markup for loose diamonds and diamond jewelry is notoriously high. The largest diamond sellers (deBeers, Zales, Jareds, Kay, etc.) make this milestone hard to reach for many people. But, to buy diamonds online, however, feels risky. How does a savvy buyer balance between paying a reasonable price and making a safe online purchase?

When you buy diamonds from Nine Caroline Antiques, you get what’s advertised. We regularly offer groups of GIA certified loose diamonds for sale. Each diamond is accompanied by a GIA diamond grading report with comprehensive carat, color, clarity, and cut grades so you know exactly what you’re getting. The Gemological Institute of America is the world standard for grading and registering diamonds. When you buy a GIA certified diamond, you know that it has been examined by some of the world’s most experienced diamond grading experts. We always start our GIA certified loose diamond auctions at a low price because we believe in giving every bidder a fair opportunity to buy a beautiful diamond at a fair price. We believe that when you buy diamonds online, you should feel safe and pay only what’s reasonable.

Our diamonds are sourced from New York estates so we have access to a wide range of beautiful authentic gemstones in a wide variety of modern and antique cuts, from the classic round brilliant to the unique old mine to the always lovely old European cut, as well as fancy shapes like hearts, marquise, or pear.

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