Vintage Leica Camera

What exactly is a rare collectible? By definition, a collectible is any object that is collected. So, anything in an antique store is therefore a collectible! But, like most other antique stores, we use the term “collectible” to mean something slightly different.

It can mean items that are not technically vintage or antique but are highly sought after and prized like Swarovski figurines or Lladro figurines. Although their value has diminished in the last few years, Hummel figurines are also classed as collectibles (and first trademark figurines of rare designs in larger sizes can still hold some interest to collectors).

“Rare collectible” can also include the wide world of camera collecting, from antique to vintage to modern, from box cameras to Kodak Brownies and Leica masterpieces of German precision. It also includes antique and vintage medical, scientific, and engineering instruments like microscopes, telescopes, surveying tools, and similar.

Nine Caroline Antiques is located in upstate New York which has a rich history and we often come across interesting and unusual memorabilia. We’ve seen large collections of railroad china, railroad silver flatware, and railroad lanterns. We see any number of collectible antique and vintage baseball cards, including the very rare and unusual 1923 Lections baseball cards which were only sold in Albany, NY.

Each of these is a field of collecting in their own right, with passionate and knowledgeable collectors. Since we buy out of local estates here in New York, we’re constantly coming across new pieces to add to those collections. We never know what we’ll find next – discover the latest finds in our store.