Buy Sterling Silver Flatware Service 12 Wallace Grand BaroqueThere are many reasons to buy sterling silver flatware: many people believe in the beneficial properties of eating with silver, or perhaps your family’s heirloom flatware is missing a few pieces or needs to be expanded now that your family has grown, or perhaps you just love the look and feel. A dining table set with sterling silver flatware, serving pieces, and candelabra is beautiful no matter what the occasion.

When you buy sterling silver flatware, it’s always important to double check that your seller is giving you what you expect. The two most common types of flatware are sterling silver and silverplate. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver alloyed with other metals for increased durability. Silverplate is a thin layer of pure silver over base metal. Sterling silver typically has greater value and greater desirability.

When buying silver of any type, it’s important to double check the hallmarks. In almost every instance, sterling silver will be marked either “sterling” or “925”. There are occasional exceptions to this rule (in the case of repairs or wear, artisan pieces re-fashioned from melted-down silver, etc), and in the case of non-American silver, it will adhere to that country’s hallmarking standards. The three-part portrait, letter, and lion mark of English silver is easily recognizable. Every country has its own history of silver hallmarking. Many countries’ hallmarks have evolved over the centuries, and some can be difficult to identify. American coin silver is often unmarked or bears only a maker’s mark. When you buy sterling silver flatware online, it’s important to buy from a trusted seller who is knowledgeable about silver hallmarks and testing unmarked silver. Buy Sterling Silver American Coin Silver Mint Julep Cups

We buy sterling silver flatware, serving pieces, candelabra, snuff boxes, card cases, cigarette cases, tea sets, vanity sets, and more from local upstate New York estates. The rich history of the Albany and Saratoga Springs region means that we’re always finding beautiful Tiffany & Co vanity sets, Kentucky American coin silver mint julep cups, or Wallace Grand Baroque flatware services. Not only do we bring you American sterling silver and coin silver, we regularly buy and sell Russian silver, Asian silver, German and other Continental European silver, Danish and other Scandinavian silver (including pieces from renowned silversmiths Georg Jensen, Magnus Aase, etc.), as well as Middle Eastern silver.

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