Simichrome Silver Polish & Blitz Jewelry Cleaner

We aren’t paid by these companies to endorse their products. We have simply found over the last 20 years that they’re some of the best products available to gently clean and preserve silver and jewelry. The professionals use Simichrome silver polish and Blitz jewelry cleaner, and as professionals we fully recommend it.

You’ve probably seen those easy DIY household tricks for polishing silver. They usually involve baking soda and tinfoil. This method will clean your sterling silver, coin silver, silver alloy, or silver plated items but there’s a cost – this method also removes a thin layer of silver along with the tarnish. With every repeated treatment, your silver is at risk of developing unsightly and irreversible pitting and other damage. While a DIY silver “polish” bath may be easiest, a gentle, non-abrasive polish is the safest way to keep your sterling silver or silverplated flatware, holloware, and jewelry free of tarnish. In our experience, Simichrome silver polish is both effective and gentle. It lifts away tarnish and cleans your silver while maintaining the beautiful patina that only age and use can bring.

Simichrome also has a wonderful side use – it can also be used to test vintage jewelry to determine whether or not it’s Bakelite! The Bakelite Simichrome test is one of the best tricks in a vintage jewelry aficionado’s book. This non-destructive test is simple: sparingly apply a bit of Simichrome to a soft cloth or cotton swab, and gently rub a small spot on the inside or back of the item being tested. If it’s Bakelite, the cloth should turn yellow with ease (although the shade of yellow may vary from light to dark).

When it comes to keeping jewelry (and particularly diamond jewelry) clean, we’ve had fantastic results using Blitz jewelry cleaner. Blitz is a professional grade jewelry cleaner and is ammonia-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

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